Lovesick Blues Boy
Bad Girl She Used to Be
Life of A Fool
Deserted Love
C'est le Moment
Call My Name
Time to Cry
Sparks Fly Out

Moments of Weakness
Last Time I Feel
Heart Like Railroad Steel

Producer PB
Recording and Balance George Bradfute, PB
Mastering Don Cobb, Eric Conn

Guitar, Drums PB
Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar
(C'est le Moment)
Richard Bennett
Strings, Horns, Elec Gtr George Bradfute
Pedal Steel Fats Kaplin
Upright, Elec Bass Dennis Crouch
Brush Drums Phil Lee
(C'est le Moment)

Design Sheila Sachs


Life Of A Fool

Lovesick Blues Boy
NBC, Mississippi


Uncut Deceptively easy on the ear, he's cut back on instrumental clutter to create the intimate mood of a perpetually moonstruck gypsy, clip-clopping to the classic rhythm of American country and rock'n'roll. Part-Everlys, part-Orbison, Burch wears these wonderful songs like a second hide, slipping effortlessly into honky-tonk, old-time swing and lonesome folk.The sort of record you wish more people made, rather than the lone stoking of a dying art. But then again, to sound this simple—this wise—is anything but straightforward.

Guardian The songs have the mysterious ability to glide just above the carpet, as if they are playing on a magic jukebox in a haunted honky tonk.

CMT 20 Best Albums of the Year You Migh Have Missed.
Not at all retro, Burch is a very measured and innovative caretaker of many musical traditions. A graduate of Nashville’s Lower Broadway bar scene, he captures and nurtures and builds upon trad country, country blues and folk idioms in a very knowing way. Modern life channeled through a Jimmie Rodgers-Hank Williams filter.

 —Chet Flippo