Over a dozen albums with his WPA Ballclub, Paul Burch's thoroughly modern yet instantly classic songs have attracted fans from Rock to Bluegrass inspiring Billboard to call him “a leader in marrying country’s roots tradition with a modern sensibility" and Pop Matters to declare "one of the best damn songwriters operating today.”  Burch's discography as artist and producer covers every style and generation including Mark Knopfler, R&B legend Candi Staton, Lambchop, and Ralph Stanley. In 2025 Burch will release a new album and his debut novel through the University of Georgia Press/NewSouth Books.  Watch PB and Fats Kaplin live at the Kennedy Center

Meridian Rising


Paul Burch's debut novel Meridian Rising will be published by the University of Georgia Press NewSouth Books in Fall 2025. (This isn't the cover but it's cool photo!) Meridian Rising is a fictional historical tale inspired by the life of American music legend Jimmie Rodgers and deftly blends fact and fiction to create a vibrant tale worthy of the Mississippi-born entertainer Howlin’ Wolf called “my man that I really dug.”

Homeruns & Base Hits

Entertainment Weekly
A modern day Jimmie Rodgers. 
Last of My Kind

A leader in marrying marrying country’s roots tradition with a modern sensibility. Pan American Flash

Music Row
Everyday I wish cool guys like this would rise up and smite the evil pretenders to country music. Wire to Wire

Rolling Stone  
Burch predated the current roots-revival, making music built on the American traditions of blues, bluegrass, old time and country but fusing it into his own unique sound. Meridian Rising

Elena Holly
Paul's Words of Love is a gem of an album. He brings his own voice and style to these beautiful versions of the classic songs of Buddy Holly. And I know Buddy would have appreciated it, too. Rave On!  Words of Love

I doubt if anybody, Dylan included, has written a more quietly beautiful song than "Willpower" in the last few years. Blue Notes

Pop Matters
One of the finest contemporary roots performers – not to mention one of the best damn songwriters – operating today.  Fevers

It's the rare living musician who does the extra work to comprehend the past she or he pursues in its entirety. Paul Burch is that extra-hard worker who also happens to be gifted with an easeful way of getting his messages across. Still Your Man

American Songwriter
A master of crafting songs specific to whatever scenario is called for. Light Sensitive

The sort of record you wish more people made, rather than the lone stoking of a dying art. But then again, to sound this simple—this wise—is anything but straightforward. Fool For Love

All Music
Burch has quietly and unassumingly built a catalog that reflects inspiration and a consistently high quality in songwriting and performance. His last two records, 2000s Blue Notes and 2003's Fool For Love are seldom touted as classics, but they should be. They are some of the greatest one-two meditations on love and its loss in the American vernacular in the last 50 years; no hyperbole intended. Burch has a voice that is literally out of time. East to West

No Depression
Though he has the writing genius to enter into the grim realities of love, life, and death, Burch invites listeners into his unparalleled world where the past, present, and future come together for an astounding, timeless experience. Light Sensitive